Singapore passport renewal – How to renew

How to apply and recharge Singapore identification?

In the event that you, similar to me, disdain having to manage worn-out regulatory desk work, this is the best news you might actually get. You can apply for and reestablish your Singapore visa on the web if:

It is your most memorable time applying for an identification

Your identification is running out of pages

Your visa has lapsed, or is terminating in nine months or less

Your visa is lost or harmed


As a Singapore visa holder, you have the likelihood to reestablish your identification on the web. No meetings are expected for another report.


These administrations are accessible through the ICA's Eservice, available on the site of the Service of International concerns.


The records you want to give are a similar referenced above, notwithstanding, you'll require computerized identification photographs (400 x 514 pixels).


On the internet based application structure, you want to embed your U.S. contact subtleties and give duplicates of the mentioned reports. Then,select an assortment place, where you'll later gather your restored Singapore visa.


The main acknowledged installment strategy for Singapore visa restoration online is a legitimate Mastercard. The handling time for online applications is dependably 4 (four) to 6 a month and a half, potential defers in the conveyance are excluded.


The candidate will be advised about the status by the specialists when the new visa is prepared. At the point when you get it, you should introduce every one of the necessary reports to the International safe haven or Department.

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